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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Abode Fine Dining?
Abode Fine Dining is not a restaurant but we bring the restaurant into your own home. We are private chefs who typically cater private dinner parties.

How far will Abode service?
Abode will serve all of Michigan depending on event size.

What does Abode need from the host?
All Abode needs from the host is a cleared off countertop and a very small amount of freezer space.

Do I need to set the table?
Abode brings all plates, glasses, flatware etc.. so you do not need to set a table

Does Abode Offer bartending?
The Abode team can make basic cocktails and can provide a bartender upon request.

What about wine pairing?
Abode is happy to offer wine recommendations to go along with our menus upon request.

How do I pay Abode fine dining?
You can pay Abode via Venmo: @mike-eckles

How can I learn about and order Tuesday drop offs?
We send our drop off menus each week through social media and email. To order all you need to do is contact Abode directly.

How early does Abode need to arrive?
Abode arrives approximately one hour before the start time of the dinner.

What if a vegetarian is attending my dinner?
Abode can meet almost any dietary restriction and will accommodate each guests to their specific needs if necessary

What are you doing about COVID- 19?
Abodes full time staff are fully vaccinated and can wear masks upon request.